It’s Friday. Time to reflect.

Today marks a little over a week since the Blogging challenge started and I will admit that it didn’t go well once I got to the middle of the week. I started strong, exceeding my goal of 250 words/day and posting 2 times a week…but then my regular schedule kicked up. Combine that with students who need me during my designated “blogging” time and I fell off the wagon. In other years, I would beat myself up and stop altogether, but here I am posting again. And I am ok with missing a few days. What I did instead was more important.

I have been learning to use a 3D Printer (more on that later) and I have putting my completed projects near my classroom window. Students have begun stopping in and asking about and now I have students searching for things to print to add to projects in other classes.

I had an old iPod touch that was given to me after students used it for soccer (Turns out it wasn’t a good soccer ball) and a student has expressed an interest in learning more about it, so they are taking it apart one broken piece at a time. We have learned that those screws are REALLY small and we are also learning how everything is connected. Pretty fun. We also just learned that something in there shouldn’t have been taken apart. Oh well.

The blogging challenge has already been a success for me. I have posted here more than I have in quite some time and I am more intentional in my reflections, which is key.

However…it is Friday, so a few random things

  • Looking forward to my Everyone Can Code workshop next week with Apple. Should be great.
  • This is the weekend we take down the tree. Always sad, but the house looks really clean.
  • Bought NBA2K20 to play with my son and tonight is the night we finally play.
  • Loved the video below. Great message at the end.

Mr. Mazurek