In My Pocket: 25 Popular Parenting Life Hacks Put to the Test

In this semi-regular series, we will take a look at random things that I have stashed in Pocket.  Don’t have Pocket yet?  GO GET IT!

I have been using Pocket for number of years and it is my place to stash just about everything interesting I find on the internet. From videos, to images, to 3D printing files, to articles I want to come back to, it all goes into my Pocket. I love digging through and seeing things I have forgotten about including this video from Mental Floss.

Mental Floss and John Green make an amazing combination and this video is about 8 minutes of things you could use as a parent or a teacher. A few of the hacks that he suggests that I like include:

  • Egg Cartons for paint
  • Egg Carton for cards
  • Upside down crazy straw in a cup with a lid
  • Don’t buy generic plastic wrap and peanut butter
  • Dunking Oreos in the middle of the container (which I don’t thing they come with anymore)
  • Celery in a nearly empty peanut butter containers
  • Frozen Marshmallows as an icepack
  • Don’t acquire glitter

There are more in the video, and there are a ton of Mental Floss videos available on YouTube to learn a lot about a lot of things. There are more videos on Lifehacks, Debunking Myths on Thanksgiving and more! Hope you find a good video and learn something new.

Mr. Mazurek