The importance of breaks

To the surprise of no teacher, breaks are important. The end of the semester, decision fatigue and illness are just some of the reasons this break has come at a good time. My district had 2 days of early dismissals for students last week along with a full day inservice on Friday. My son has enjoyed extra time at the sitter and with his grandparents, which he has enjoyed, and my daughter got to spend more time with her brother, which could go either way.

Myself? I had extra meetings on the 1/2 days, a coding workshop (more on that another time), meeting with a colleague to setup a 3D printer and a great wrap-up of a wonderful conference. All of these things were moments needed among colleagues and let us get set for the 2nd semester.

The thing I have enjoyed the most though is the weekend where we got to take some breaks. Thanks to a well timed snow storm, all of our Saturday commitments were canceled and the family stayed home. We watched movies, played games, read books, played with dog, and did just about anything we wanted. With the schedule that we maintain, days like this are tough to come by and it is nice when we can just be. More and more studies are coming out with the importance of self-care and days like this weekend remind me to just slow down and take a break.

Favorite Activities of the Weekend

  • NBA2K20
    • Just getting started here. I am not good…yet
  • Reading The Wheel of Time
    • Onto Book 4. I love the feeling of getting sucked into a good book
  • Watching WWE
    • One of the things my son and I like to do. Currently watching a bunch of Royal Rumble matches in preparation for the 2020 Rumble
  • Playing MarioKart 8
    • A game for the whole family…that I win
  • A little bit of football
    • Just a bit. Tougher to get since I cut cable, but I was able to watch some of the games
  • Puzzles
    • A family favorite!
  • Napping
    • Nothing better than an unexpected nap!

Mr. Mazurek

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