Master’s of what?

In the fall of 2016, I began a journey that many have taken…that will take me a few years to complete…that will enrich my life in multiple ways.

I began my Master’s Degree.

After many years of debating, I started my Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology (with certificate!) that I feel will help fill in the gaps of my knowledge, and having moved to a new job (tech coach from music), I have more than one gap.

Mind the Gap in my mind


I realized that with the courses, job and family, I had not posted here since June, so I decided I would write about my courses and my journey into being a digital learner.

The truth is, I was not a good student in my undergraduate days.  I loved college and would not change my experiences for anything, but if I was applying for a job in 2016, it would be tough for me to get past the pre-screening process with my grades.  The moral is go to class…most of the time, but do your work all of the time.  The idea of online courses, which is what I am doing, was interesting to me as I didn’t have to go anywhere, but when could I get the work done?   My wife and I came up with a plan that worked with our schedules and with our childcare schedules, and off I went.

I started with 2 courses and they took more time than I thought they would, although not as much as the instructors said they could.   The courses focused on networks/operating systems and digital technologies.  I had to rent a textbook for the Operating Systems course (SO EXPENSIVE) and had to add a Windows partition to my MacBook Air, but other than that, I was ready to go.  This was the course I was most concerned with, as I have very little knowledge of how the network at my school worked.  After the course, I realize my district is lucky to have the IT staff that we do.  They have created a solid wireless network that allows our staff and students to use the myriad of tools at their disposal.

The other course was a course in Using Emerging Digital Technology.  This one served as a great reminder of the tools available to us, although I thought some of the resourses were a bit dated, but I was reminded that I am an early adaptor when it comes to tech (joined twitter in 2008, my socrative classroom number is 2485 and I had an angelfire page in college) and to relax.  The discussions in this class were great.  All of the students participated and I learned a lot.

Next up in the winter is Media Design.  Should be fun!

Mr. Mazurek