Everyday Tech: Hardware

As 2016 comes to a close, I though a review of my everyday tech and where I see possible needs of upgrade would be a fun exercise.    I spend a lot of time with my technology in my role as a Hybrid Learning Coach and I rely on this hardware daily.



I have been using my 13″ MacBook Air (Early 2014) since 2014 and I have been loving it.  I had never planned on it being my primary machine, but the Tech Gods had other things in mind for me when my beloved 24″ iMac went to the great IT Department in the sky (or to my IT department to be used as a door stop…true story).  My Air has been very reliable and the lightness of the machine combined with the battery life makes me a pretty happy guy.


64 GB iPhone 6.  I love the size and the storage.  While I love the iPhone 7, I am going to ride this one out as long as I can…hopefully until the iPhone 8.


64GB iPad Air 2.  To me, it is the perfect iPad.  The screen is great, the battery life is amazing, and I can hold it with one hand.  This is the device I bring when I am taking a loop of the school to check in on the teachers I work with.  I have been asked recently about people getting a new iPad and I would, without hesitation, recommend the 128GB iPad Air 2.  If they still made the 64GB, that would be my choice, but unless you need the features of the new iPad Pro, the Air 2 is what you are looking for.

Assorted Classroom Things

Anker Bluetooth Speaker– This thing is great.  Wonderful balance of function and cost

Record Player- In my former life I was a music teacher and I have started a vinyl collection recently.  Love having one in my room.

External Monitor- Some Dell monitor I found not being used.  Would love a better one.

External Hard Drive- 3TB Toshiba.  USB 3.0.  This serves as my personal backup of everything


What does your hardware look like?  Anything you would change if you could?



Mr. Mazurek