Summertime- Reading is Fundamental

One the many apps that I love on my phone is Nuzzel.  If you haven’t used it before, and you use Twitter, it is fantastic.  It will find articles that people you follow have shared and email it to you.  Great way to see what is trending.  Between that and Medium, I have been finding more than a few interesting reads this week.  Here are a few that have been making me think.

Google, ISTE, and the Death of EDTech

This one has made me think…a lot.  Here is one of the quotes from the author, Mike Crowley

Ultimately, though, the Big News, like Google Classroom, is the proliferation of software that allows teachers to monitor and keep students on-task. The lofty ambitions for education were summed up thus. Make tradition more efficient. Stop bored students from cheating on mindless, low-level assessments. Deliver content like Windows 98 is the next big thing. New tools. Old thinking. Systems, not learners.

This article has created a lot of discussions.  For a long time I have thought that if I student can Google the answer the questions on your assessment, teachers need to write better questions.  There are always going to be answers students can find on Google, but we need to move toward the application of knowledge, not just having students spit back facts.  For more on Project Based Learning, check out this article from Edutopia.


Win Mario Kart by Using Data Science to Choose your Character

It is summer after all and I have kids.  I need to stay one step ahead of them while I can.

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