Not NANOWRIMO, but maybe MBMM?

As the calendar has turned from October to November, I noticed that, once again, it is National Novel Writing Month (to learn more, head to their website).  Once again I realized I have no desire to write a novel, but I do have a desire to blog more.  This has consistently been something I want to do more of, but I have all of the usual excuses:

  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have anything to say
  • I forgot
  • I don’t wanna

When I write these out, I realize I am like the students that I work with and I need to be better.  We discuss things like the Growth Mindset with students and I realized I just haven’t become a regular blogger…yet.   So here is my version of NANOWRIMO, or as I will call it, Mazurek Blog More Month (MBMM).  Thanks to The Edublogger and their post “50 Blog Topics and Prompts for Teachers” for the motivation!

Today’s post would cover their #1 prompt, Share you blogging story, and as you can see, mine isn’t a good one…yet.


More tomorrow!


Mr. Mazurek