In My Pocket: The History of the Walkman

In this semi-regular series, we will take a look at random things that I have stashed in Pocket.  Don’t have Pocket yet?  GO GET IT!

Next Up: The History of the Walkman

This article, from July of 2014, chronicles the Sony Walkman in all of its glory.  More than any other version, I remember the yellow Sports version from 1988.  All of the kids wanted it because of the color and the fact that it was waterproof, which was awesome.  I think I had one…or a similar one, but I honestly can’t remember.  I had a walkman of some sort, that I do know.  When the technology changed, I upgraded to a Discman (still have one somewhere) and even dabbled in mini-disc (that went poorly).

It is amazing to me to see how far we have come from the Walkman and it is fascinating to ponder where will get to in the future

Mr. Mazurek