Welcome Back!

We are a few weeks in and here is where things stand with the CWMS Hybrid Program

6th grade is up and running. The students have their laptops and after a small filtering issue was fixed, things seem to be going well. The students, as the experienced Hybrid travelers they are, are right back into the swing of things. The 6th grade team heads off on their monthly training tomorrow.

5th grade is rotating and using the model WITHOUT the technology! The laptop bags are crossing the country as I type and are scheduled to arrive any day now. Once they are here, the 5th grade students get their new Lenovo Yoga Laptops. I know the 5th grade team is excited for the students to get their machines so everyone can kick it up a notch.

We are finding ways around the PA state budget standstill and most of our content providers are up and running and the rest will be soon.

More updates soon!

Mr. Mazurek